Oops! Did I Say I Was Done?

Not so fast!

Originally, I had liked the thin, pale skin of Sir Grumpy. But, upon further reflection, I decided to push the values in a more dramatic direction. I liked it. But…


Deja’ vu

The project had been intended to be a washy painting with a little color pencil detailing. Now, the drawing materials were taking center stage. The problem? The paper I used had a bit of texture to it that I was not liking with the color pencil. While the changes blended nicely from a distance, up close it looked really rough – somewhat of a distraction. Maybe it’s fine – I’m just not used to it. But my muse (the Holy Spirit) seemed to be directing me to redo.  There were a few other little points that bugged me besides texture.


Here I go again…but, at least it’s going quicker because I’ve been through rather thoroughly and know what I need to do different.


One thought on “Oops! Did I Say I Was Done?

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