A Blast From the Past


Illustration Friday Drawing from 2008 – Don’t remember the theme


Creative opportunities have been scarce lately, but I have started on a new portfolio piece.  I’m using an older Illustration Friday project that I did about 6 years ago.  I always thought it would be a fun one to add color to.  But, upon further reflection, I wanted to redo the characters – less stylized.  It would be a good project to showcase different ethnicities.

So, it’s a work in progress and coming along nicely so far.  It’s been a little more challenging – I’ve had more question marks – less certainty about what I wanted to add in terms of background and what would be too much.  I don’t want a busy background that will draw attention away from what’s going on with the kids.  I wasn’t sure what media would be the best – use pen like before and add watercolor?  Or, go with the gouache plus color pencil?  Needless to say, I’ve been working on a study to work out some of those details.  Now, I’ve begun what will hopefully be the final.


Working out multicultural characteristics in the sketchbook (also some gesture drawings from soccer)


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