Sir Grumpy Unveiled…


First underpainting


Building up layers of color and contrast

You met this character before and, yes, he is an ornery fellow.  He was a doodle from the sketchbook that I liked – not much needed to change with the character himself.  However, the challenge came with inventing a background scene with no story to refer to.

Little by little, I thought out some details that seemed to fit him – the wrought iron came first, then the building of the landscape, and finally the glimpse of an old house .  It took a lot more thought, doodles, studies, and color experimentation – very different from the last portfolio piece I did which seemed to invent itself.


Just SOME of the many studies, color tests, etc.

The final is a combination of gouache and color pencil.  There may be a little tweaking and small adjustments but, at the moment, he’s part of a small number of “finished” works that could end up in the portfolio.



 Now, what’s next?


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